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5 ways to get the right hire for your company

1. Don’t ‘fall in love’ with the first person you see!

It sounds like something we wouldn’t do but you’d be surprised. Often the benchmark is set far too high following an impressive first candidate. Someone who naturally appeals to us as decision makers. It’s easy to start telling yourself that perfect candidate will be a success, convincing yourself becomes natural. The key – stay level headed, don’t be swayed yet. Compare and contrast all the applicants to ensure they are the right fit, and even then; Make sure they can deliver what they appear to be able to. It’ll save you a lot of heartache going forward.

2. Stop trying to hire yourself

So, they’ve got the gift of the gab, they wear the similar suit as you and support the same team. You’re getting along like old mates, really quickly. Wow – they even went to the same University and remember one of your old tutors!

Whilst this may sound like a hiring cinch, those rose-tinted spectacles can end up impacting the hiring process in a negative manner. Not to mention, its potentially discriminatory. It also doesn’t mean they’ve got the right skills for the job. Be wary of your own bias.

3. Get your pal to take a second look

Everyone wants to meet their own targets but in a firm with a positive culture, you’ll all be wanting to help each other. If you’re unsure about someone, get a colleague to have a chat or hold a second interview. They’ll inevitably be looking for different candidate skills and be able to corroborate, or dismiss, your gut feelings.

4. Character is important

Having the pre-requisite professional skills is important but having the right character is increasingly viewed as tantamount to a good hire. It will determine their ability to work well as a team, overcome challenges and their ability to see out their time at the company.

5. Vetting, vetting, vetting

If the candidate put forward to you is impressive, you need to check their credentials. Ensure you get references, check if the candidate is telling the truth and figure out what their working style is like. Solicit secondary references too, to build-up a three-dimensional image of the candidate.

At ReQuire Consultancy we realise the importance of finding the right fit, not on a CV, but in person! It’s in the name, we consult with each and everyone of our clients so if you have a question about a candidate we introduce to you, you can be confident we have the answer. Getting to know our candidates and what drives them is key to our success.

The service we provide speaks for itself by the results that you see.

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