5 reasons to be cheerful when you’re recruiting

According to Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), the current value of the recruitment industry to the UK economy is £35.1 billion per year. That confirms just how vital our industry is to the marketplace.

But put aside those vital figures for the time being, the success comes not just from finding suitable candidates and offering key advice on salaries but from the points mentioned below. Here is a shortlist of 5 reasons why utilising the services of a reputable recruitment firm such as ReQuire Consultancy is only ever going to prove beneficial to your business.

  1. We work with candidates, not just ‘applicants’ – If you are resourcing for your firm, you will soon realise that despite a number of applications to filter and assess, chances are that there will be more people to decline than people who are suitable for your current vacancy. A recent survey concluded 25% of candidates were ‘active’ whilst 35% were ‘passive’. We however focus on the full 100% of the market place. The remaining 40% are those who are seemingly content in their current roles, it’s up to us to introduce them to your new exciting opportunity. Without us, you will be limiting your search to just a small quota of candidates, most of which, will be applicants to the role.
  2. They can get you out of a talent drought – If you are finding the flow of candidates not to your liking, utilising a recruitment firm with a sought after reputation will in fact give you access to people that possess the ideal skills that you need.
  3. Suitability ensured. Recruitment agencies will often have an already populated database of candidates lined up. We certainly ensure any candidate presented to a client has been vetted and is suitable for selection. A candidate should never be forwarded to a client without an interview with the candidate taking place.
  4. Cost Effective! Just think for a moment how much more of the market place we are likely to reach than just applicants who apply to your roles. On top of that, ensuring suitability and then booking interviews can prove to be a stressful, time consuming exercise. I would also assume you have a lot more to do than just recruitment during your busy day..
  5. Great for Networking! A recruitment firm is not only great for selecting the right candidates for a role, but are also known to give you the opportunity to network. We tend to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of your local market place.

Thanks for reading. LM