Sir Ranulph Fiennes

An evening with Sir Ranulph Fiennes

When I heard, that the main event at this year’s annual Salisbury Big Business Event was a talk from Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the World’s Greatest Living Explorer; I was pretty confident that I’d be one of the first in the queue to purchase my ticket! Not only is this man an icon of British History…and future, (apparently he has more challenges planned) but he is also someone who I greatly admire, more-so because of my fascination of endurance challenges and pushing myself to the limits.

The clearly experienced speaker, had the packed Salisbury Guildhall in the palm of his hand. His clever story telling entwined with wit and humor throughout, kept his audience hooked for over an hour focusing specifically on motivation and determination throughout. Sir Ranulph, the only man alive to have traveled the surface of the World’s polar axis, shared his sheer resilience and no-nonsense approach to creating and building teams in pursuit of the apparent impossible time after time. It was his ability to face challenges head on despite the odds being heavily stacked against him, and his strategy for what makes a good team that appealed to me the most.

As a business owner who employs staff, to get the chance to learn from someone who has gone through, at times, unimaginable mental and physical pain whilst remaining focused on only the end goal and to then be able to go away and aim to apply that in a business capacity is pretty cool. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of sawing off my fingers with a hacksaw, blowing up a Hollywood Damn in a beautiful Wiltshire village nor move my office to a floating iceberg, but learning from the ‘World’s Greatest’, the principles of his motivation and determination can be applied in business.

Following the talk of his super human life story I managed to meet the great man himself. When I asked him “what advice he would offer someone who has a relentless desire to constantly challenge them-self” he looked up from his book signing and said, “Once you have calculated the risk and the reward is greater, be fearless and win”

Inspiring stuff! Great job #SBBE

Thanks for reading, LM

Sir Ranulph Fiennes !