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Cyber Monday Recruitment Offer

Following the success of our Recruitment offer during Black Friday we thought we would celebrate Cyber Monday by continuing with the big saving all throughout today. So to remind you.. ANY COMPANY PLACING A VACANCY WITH REQUIRE CONSULTANCY BETWEEN 9AM – 5PM ON 28/11/16 WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC DISCOUNT ON THE PERMANENT RECRUITMENT FEE. So […]

Aligning your stars is the key!

Here’s a fact for you… If you had placed a £5 bet on Leicester City to win the Premier League, the Brexit vote actually winning the referendum and Donald Trump landing the top job; you would be standing here today with a cool £12million in your back pocket!! Hindsight  is wonderful isn’t it. But no matter […]

‘Degree or not Degree’ – that is the question

So last week’s #Questionoftheweek for our clients was learning all about their perceptions of CV’s and whether or not ones that included a completed degree were deemed more favourable than those without. We asked, “Does a CV with a degree instantly become more appealing than a CV without a degree?” We wanted to understand the perception a […]

#Q1 What worries you most, when going for an interview

So last week saw the start of our weekly Q&A with our candidates looking for new opportunities. This will be a weekly discussion and at the end of it we will show the results in full. During #Q1 We wanted to establish “What worries you most when going for an interview?” Needless to say, we […]

Raising money for the Stars Appeal – Bring a pound to work day

So Thursday 6th October was the day our dear friends at Spire FM had been telling us, was ‘Bring A Pound To Work Day‘ which helps raise money for the wonderful Stars Appeal  Obviously we were keen to support a charity that specifically raises money to create the best possible experience for patients and their families by funding […]

Welcome to the team Mark

So this week, we had the pleasure of welcoming our newest recruit to the team here at ReQuire. Mark Styles joins us as a Trusted Advisor making his debut in the industry. Mark is a local chap, born and raised in Wiltshire and Dorset and has recently purchased his first property where he lives with his girlfriend […]

Fruity new phones, courtesy of Berry Telecom

Ok, so to some, talking phone systems may not seem all that exciting. However, the team at ReQuire were left in awe after having the new system switched on courtesy of the brilliant team at Berry Telecom! Incredible product and a great service from start to finish, and the gang literally couldn’t wait to start using […]

Sacrifice does pay off!

I believe, making some huge, heart-in-mouth decisions, comes as part of the territory for every good business leader!  They do things that are personally unpleasant or even risky, simply for the good of the company, or to protect the people who work for them. There are times when they may take a pay cut to […]