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Fruity new phones, courtesy of Berry Telecom

Ok, so to some, talking phone systems may not seem all that exciting. However, the team at ReQuire were left in awe after having the new system switched on courtesy of the brilliant team at Berry Telecom! Incredible product and a great service from start to finish, and the gang literally couldn’t wait to start using […]

Sacrifice does pay off!

I believe, making some huge, heart-in-mouth decisions, comes as part of the territory for every good business leader!  They do things that are personally unpleasant or even risky, simply for the good of the company, or to protect the people who work for them. There are times when they may take a pay cut to […]

Stars Appeal & Salisbury Hospice – Charity Golf Day. A roaring success!

So on Tuesday, I had the pleasure of playing in Emery Little Financial Services charity golf day raising money for two incredible charities The Stars Appeal and Salisbury Hospice. The 2016 ‘ELFS‘ annual golf day took place at the fantastic Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club. Conditions were positively tropical. The day began with soaring temperatures, so sun cream & […]

Prepare for 1:42pm – Countering stress in the workplace

I recently read an article based on findings by Groupon which highlighted stress in the workplace. One of the more outlandish comments I picked up on was that, according to the survey, at precisely 1:42pm employees are at their most stressed! (Probably like you right now, I had to re-read that comment several times for it to filter). The participants of this survey […]

Term Time Opportunity – Exciting!!

The team at ReQuire are hiring for an administrator and it’s a beaut of a role! In short, we are looking for someone to join us during term time only and work what we call, ‘flexible hours’ at our gorgeous office location based near Wilton. However, despite the relaxed environment we surround ourselves with, we […]

Refer a Friend like you!

At ReQuire, we love nothing more than assisting good people in finding them their dream role. We see so many concerned faces turn to the widest of smiles throughout the painless recruitment process we provide and it really is the best feeling in the world to us! So with that in mind, we want to […]

Team building – Cocktail making? Oh go on then!

It’s been a busy Summer for the team, so we thought, what better way to celebrate 2016 thus far than to…. Make Cocktails! So we took a little trip down to our good friends at the award winning Koh Thai restaurant on Endless Street in Salisbury for a fantastic feast, which by the way was […]

A*-C grades in dramatic decline for 2016!

National GCSE results have fallen dramatically across the board, with the proportion who gained a C grade or above dropping by an unprecedented 2.1 percentage points compared with last year – including a sharp decline in the numbers gaining a C or above in English. The falls are due in large part to new government […]

The one thing businesses can learn from Team GB

As #Rio16Olympics draws to a close, Team GB are riding the crest of a wave as they head home to a heroes welcome back in Blighty. With a record haul of medals in tow and some new heroes for us to discuss, there is one particular factor that is a huge reason behind the recent successes. And it’s one that […]

Goal setting… It really does work!

The photo shows Laura Trott wearing Bradley Wiggins’ Gold Medal from the Athens Olympics back in 2004. Fast forward 12 years and Laura now has 4 gold medals of her own!! This is a timely reminder that if you want something hard enough, dreaming about it doesn’t make it happen, it’s the hard graft, sheer […]