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Liam’s Go Skydive Experience, one to remember!

So last week, on that absolutely scorching Friday morning, myself and the team visited our friends at Go Skydive. Not to chat about recruitment or discuss the latest salary trends in the area. Oh no! This time I was signing disclaimers and confirming my good health so I could throw myself from 15,000ft to planet earth! How did […]

What would British Businesses be like after Brexit?

It’s been the topic of conversation for the best part of 3 months and now the voting is all done. The decision has been announced. Initially, lots of assumptions have been made via various media channels, social media sites and opinions in general. Here is an interesting report by Phillip Inman from the Guardian on […]

Euro 2016 – Switch on or switch off?

Every two years, A football fanfare takes over every workplace in the land, whether you like it or not, it’s coming! For a month of our Summer, all eyes turn to the World Cup or European Championships and for the majority, this is a time when priorities get flung out of the proverbial window and attention turns […]

Join us! ReQuire are recruiting.

We are delighted to say we have a vacancy for a recruitment consultant to join our growing team! Are you hungry for success? Do your group of friends constantly question where you get your energy levels from? If so, we would love to hear from you because you could be a star in the making! ReQuire Consultancy […]

Proud of our Stevie

Receiving testimonials is always a pleasurable part of any job no matter what industry you are in. In recruitment, you either receive praise from clients, who you have swooped in and saved, more often than not, from an army of mundane and uninteresting CV’s. Or.. In that slightly more special circumstance.. When you have aided a […]

Why ‘True Recruiters’ are actually Super Unicorns!!

When I tell people I am a recruiter, they always take a moment before they respond. Like they need a bit of time to come up with a polite reply. Everyone I’ve ever met can tell me a story about an annoying recruiter. Or, more likely, a story about a terrible recruiter. Who was the […]

Hiring ‘Top Talent’ this year

If you are a business leader, decision maker or owner of a company looking to make that leap of faith and invest your time, money, wisdom into your latest recruit, it’s important you have a clear vision and set goals laid out (short and long term) that your company are constantly striving for. To avoid […]

Motivational Quotes to kick-start your 2016

Ok, so 2015 was certainly the year of motivational quotes and visuals to post on your social media. When  creative juices stopped flowing, the one reliable safe bet we could all turn to in Google was ‘Motivational Quotes’, click the image tab and hey presto, an endless supply of some of the most motivating, thought […]