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Introducing… The ‘Millennials’

Millennials have grown up in an internet-enabled world, with different expectations and values from those who grew up offline. If you want them to work for you, you need to understand this and adapt much more quickly than you probably imagine. Studies show millennials value immediacy, transparency, flexibility, simplicity and reliability. Compared with Generation X […]

Happy Birthday George Boole

It’s safe to say, when you say the name ‘George Boole‘ most people would respond with, ‘Who?’ Ok that may have something to do with the fact he was born 200 years ago today. However, George Boole is fondly regarded for his legacy, the Boolean Logic. A theory of mathematics in which all variables are […]

From Transactional to Transformational..

During the summer, the England cricket team proved to the world that a team can go from one, ‘in the doldrums’ and not given a hope in hell’s chance to win, to a team that became all conquering and defeated the best opposition in the world by reclaiming the Ashes. They did this by practicing […]

Social Media vs The Job Search

Some say it’s a ‘Taboo subject’ however the facts don’t lie. This post is designed to highlight the reasons as to why, in such a demanding digital age, our Social Media effects our job prospects and professional relationships. According to the research, 91% of employers use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to review potential candidates. That’s not all… A […]

The 7 C’s: How to Find and Recruit Great Employees

In today’s economy, hiring the best people is more critical than ever. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to lose time, money and results from bad recruitment choices. No matter how exciting the prospect of finding that next member of staff is, it’s one of the hardest things to get right, a huge amount of planning and detail is required. Here […]

Congratulations to our Candidate Resource Manager

ReQuire Consultancy staff complete official IOR Recruitment CPDReQuire Consultancy combine skills of recruiting for generalist commercial roles alongside head hunting specialist roles of a more senior status Congratulations to ReQuire Consultancy on the successful completion of ‘The Complete Resourcer’ Course by their team member Sam Stiles. ‘The Complete Resourcer Course’ is officially recognised as IOR […]

Think…Before you quit your job!

When I talk to individuals intrigued by the current job market, some of the main reasons why they are potentially looking for new roles is because they have issues that tend to fall into one of these three categories. 1. Issues with my line manager’s ability to control 2.Issues with my ability to control 3.Issues that fall […]

Avoid wasting time when searching for a new job!

Searching for a new job can be stressful at times. You may begin to wonder when you’ll finally receive a call for a job interview. However, applying for every job vacancy won’t get you anywhere – for several reasons. Here are some useful tips which can save you precious time while job searching: 1) Avoid […]

Coming out on top in a ‘Candidate Driven Market’

A change has occurred, the tables have turned. No longer are businesses holding the ‘Trump Card’ when it comes to recruiting. That card is now in the hands of the Candidate. The stars have been aligning for sometime, everyone continued in the same fashion, however now it’s here I see it first hand just how […]

Searching for Inspiration? It’s time for YOU to take charge!

At times, everyone finds it hard to find inspiration in the workplace. Maybe you are just so detached on a daily basis, perhaps your boss is too ‘hands off’ or simply you may be finding it hard to feel engaged with your colleagues or customers. Fortunately for you, it’s easy to solve the problem. You […]