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What ‘your’ employees want for Christmas

For the sixth year running Google are ranked as the best place to work in 2015, how cool is that?! However, I want to look beyond the name, is it really all about the kudos of working for one of the most well-known organisations of all time. In fact you may be surprised to hear there […]

What managers do to make good candidates leave their jobs

Too many times managers and leaders forget the value of this very important quote, “Your staff are your most important asset” It’s meaning is often ignored and it’s the reason a number of key individuals end up leaving their roles. Yes ok, situations and ambitions can change, other outside influences play a part at times. But far too often it’s the employers […]

Motivate your team to greatness

Business leaders understand that employees are the greatest asset their company has, ensuring attitude and belief to be the greatest foundations to success. Successful leaders focus on what is “right” in their company and in their employees. Using intimidation and uncertainty to spurn productivity yields limited, short term results. That type of coercive motivational approach is totally counterproductive in the long term.  A workplace absorbed with a positive mind-set […]

4 ways to tell if a candidate is being truthful

*SPOILER ALERT* It’s not often we spill the secrets to our successes but in this case we wanted to. After all, the most important thing for us is happy workplaces because happy workplaces tend to be,  growing workplaces! In order to first get that ‘happy workplace’ status you need to first establish a ‘happy team’. […]

Meet Stevie… she’s here to stay!

It’s safe to say, Stevie-Louise, (or as some people refer to her as once they have listened to her voicemails, ‘Dee-Dee‘) has made a huge impact since starting out in her recruitment career with us here at Manor Farm Barns. Coming from an Estate Agency background, Stevie is a natural born communicator who has that rare talent […]

Introducing… The ‘Millennials’

Millennials have grown up in an internet-enabled world, with different expectations and values from those who grew up offline. If you want them to work for you, you need to understand this and adapt much more quickly than you probably imagine. Studies show millennials value immediacy, transparency, flexibility, simplicity and reliability. Compared with Generation X […]

Happy Birthday George Boole

It’s safe to say, when you say the name ‘George Boole‘ most people would respond with, ‘Who?’ Ok that may have something to do with the fact he was born 200 years ago today. However, George Boole is fondly regarded for his legacy, the Boolean Logic. A theory of mathematics in which all variables are […]

From Transactional to Transformational..

During the summer, the England cricket team proved to the world that a team can go from one, ‘in the doldrums’ and not given a hope in hell’s chance to win, to a team that became all conquering and defeated the best opposition in the world by reclaiming the Ashes. They did this by practicing […]