Coming out on top in a ‘Candidate Driven Market’

A change has occurred, the tables have turned. No longer are businesses holding the ‘Trump Card’ when it comes to recruiting. That card is now in the hands of the Candidate.

The stars have been aligning for sometime, everyone continued in the same fashion, however now it’s here I see it first hand just how important it is for Business Owners to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to hiring.

It will change again but for the time being, this is a new environment to a lot of business owners, recruiters and individuals looking for work.

Even the term, ‘Candidate Driven Market’ is new to some.

So for that reason, I’ve put together some pointers that I feel will help you compete for the finest talent in this current market.

1) Be on board with a Candidate’s goals: Too much time can be spent wasted concerning yourself about why an individual didn’t chose your company as it’s place of work. Whilst understanding competition, it is important not to focus too heavily about what you ‘aren’t’ offering. Perhaps you find yourself up against a leading organisation, a big brand name or a unique environment. Avoid all of this by focusing on what a candidate wants to achieve and help them make that vision into a reality. Demonstrating support like this goes a long way and often that level of support and interest in development is matched by a candidates loyalty and performance.

2) Imagine if they were a customer, you’d listen to them!:

Planning to hire someone? Treat talent acquisition just as you would customer acquisition. When you have identified a need and drawn up a job spec, look at the candidate in the market place and get to know them. Learn their needs and move to meet them as much as you can. Companies tend to focus on the ‘This is who we are and this is why you should join us’ It’s important to communicate so as soon as your recruitment agent has identified candidates, listen to their needs first and foremost. That way you can adapt your proposal accordingly.

3) Remember your Mission Statement and Company Culture

‘Generation Y’ candidates are concerned with these points more than anything else. So it’s imperative you ensure your mission statement is inspiring and that the culture is an attractive one that appeals to the best candidates in the market.

4) Never assume!

It’s important that we decide not to ignore those who may have been out of employment for a period of time. From raising children to starting up a new venture, travelled the world or developed education, these are the candidates who will, more than most – be prepared to change and importantly, try something new! So it’s wise not to assume otherwise. By appealing to this type of candidate you are ensuring you are keeping all of your options open.