Ensuring all the components come together for success

Aligning your stars is the key!

Here’s a fact for you…

If you had placed a £5 bet on Leicester City to win the Premier League, the Brexit vote actually winning the referendum and Donald Trump landing the top job; you would be standing here today with a cool £12million in your back pocket!!

Hindsight  is wonderful isn’t it. But no matter how ludicrous each of those statements sounds individually, together they combine to prove an pretty incredible investment.

At ReQuire Consultancy, when we recruit, our consultants undertake an extensive process which ultimately determines the most suitable candidate for the role in hand. Ignore any  myth surrounding recruitment, it really isn’t as simple as just ‘picking up a CV, spotting a key word  and immediately hiring that person for the job’. Please, I beg you not to try that method, it will only end in tears and at the expense of a lot of your hard earned profit!!

I was recently asked to assist a company with some recruitment where by, I allowed the senior team a sneak preview into our processes. As it proved, it was a great exercise for us, as it threw up unique and thought provoking questions.

What was most pleasing about the experience was to see my client’s complete surprise and ultimately satisfaction about how we approached each vacancy and the level of commitment we were able to gain from candidates throughout the process.

For us, we pride ourselves on our ethical and honest performance during any recruitment process and to showcase what we do on a daily basis to a client was something that really added a whole new level of satisfaction to my usual ‘day in the office’.

Without giving away too many of our secrets about how to engage with and ultimately find you the right employee, the main feedback our client offered was just how surprised they were by how many components have to align to make the solution the right one.

We’d love to showcase how we can fulfil your recruitment needs and provide you with a fantastic ROI for your business.

thanks for reading,