GDPR & the Job Seeker

GDPR is a term you will hear a lot over the coming months. Officially known as The General Data Protection Regulation it comes into play from May 25th this year. GDPR will impact all businesses that process the data of any EU National.

I wanted to answer some of the key questions that relate to anyone job seeking beyond May 25th. Hopefully this helps..

What is GDPR designed to do? 

The main principle behind it is to protect people and not data. It has been constructed to ensure the safe management of personal data which in turn provides protection and therefore holds businesses more accountable for data management.

How will this impact me?

I suppose the biggest impact on you as a job seeker is that you can request all of the information held on you to be deleted without undue delay. This effectivley means that if your details are held online on various boards, with multiple recruiters you can decide who you want to hold your data or completely remove your digital footprint.

Do I need to ensure my own data is stored correctly?

GDPR has not been created for you to ‘manage’ your own information, it is actually for businesses to take appropriate measures and keep your data secure.

What steps do I need to take? 

You simply need to give us consent for your data to be used correctly. This is known as our ‘active agreement’. We do not expect our procedures to change much but we will contact you (if we haven’t already). If you have any questions relating to GDPR you can always email them to

Thanks for reading!