Gratitude is key!

“I’m just doing my job” is a term we all know! It’s also one of those annoying terms we have all said at times but what exactly does it mean?

Does it mean that we are all robots just here to perform in a routine and then go home only to repeat the following day? I suppose so, pretty scary when you think about it! But then you analyse that saying, how do you actually define your job and do you fulfill it completely? Is it the job spec you were issued on your first day? I can understand that being the case in more of a technical capacity but certainly not in the service industry of which I can claim to know a thing or two about! 

When I was young I was brought up understanding that I must always treat people as I wish to be treated and I lived by that mantra all through my working life, ensuring I deliver the best I could at all times, avoid being rude or short with customers and making sure the work I carried out wasn’t rushed. Although it wasn’t perfect no one could fault my efforts.

For the past 10 years I have been the employer as opposed to the employee and the one significant difference is the fact it’s no longer just me that I’m responsible for when it comes to delivering good service. I now have a team who are tasked to do the same! So when I see someone ‘just doing their job’ but I see the satisfaction it gives our customers it makes me immensely proud.

Money is a great motivator but sometimes it’s nice to show more than that! So when I reviewed the success one of my superstars had achieved recently as well as hearing first hand from clients of just how incredible her service was, I wanted to make sure Stevie knew how much I appreciate everything she gives for ReQuire!

I’m incredibly private when it comes to discussing how successful my team are, but hey… at times you have to break the mould and shout about how good they are. On this occasion Stevie Boxall has proven just how insanely good she is at her job! Smashing record after record and delivering consistently high levels of service she has deserved her bonus but I wanted to ensure she knows how much I value her even though she was ‘just doing her job’ 🙂

I decided to present Stevie with a fit-bit as she has been nailing the fitness recently (oh, aside from St Patrick’s weekend…!)

Thanks for reading!