Happy Birthday Stevie

Never shy of celebrating a work birthday in our office! Although we allow all staff the day off for their birthday as a little gift, it never really seems to work. I’d like to think it’s because they just love coming to work. or perhaps it’s because they know they will get spoilt. Most likely the latter, but who cares, we all love a good birthday celebration…. and cake!!

Our superstar consultant turned…… yesterday! And in typical Stevie fashion she was heads down as usual, booking in to meet with clients, even returning from her birthday lunch early so she could line up more interviews. However when she did come up for air, we made sure she had a great day!!

Long gone are the days of ‘bring cakes to work when it’s your birthday’. If you are going to do it right, do it how we do it!

Staff are your most prized possessions, ensure your staff know how much you value them too!