National leave at 4pm

Happy ‘national leave work at 4pm’ day has arrived!

“Happy Friday” might just be the one of the most obvious and perhaps irritating phrases to read in an email on the final day of the working week.

You’ve been waiting for this for four days, you’re educated enough to follow the days of the week without an unnecessarily chipper note.

However, today really will be a happy Friday thanks to “National 4pm Friday Finish Day.”

We’re not entirely sure where this nationwide day has come from – or what exactly gives it even the slightest bit of legitimacy – but it’s been all over our social feeds all day, so why not take it seriously?

Besides, whichever clock-watching slacker has managed to coerce their boss into thinking that their lethargy is symptomatic of an impending, and possibly legally binding, national holiday deserves some kudos.

Regardless of where it came from, the idea has swiftly taken off and employees everywhere are in cahoots with whoever decided to bring it to fruition, celebrating the fact that we can all start our weekends a little earlier than planned.

So all together now, ‘Happy Friday’ everyone!