Searching for Inspiration? It’s time for YOU to take charge!

At times, everyone finds it hard to find inspiration in the workplace. Maybe you are just so detached on a daily basis, perhaps your boss is too ‘hands off’ or simply you may be finding it hard to feel engaged with your colleagues or customers.

Fortunately for you, it’s easy to solve the problem. You just need to find a little bit of motivation from inside to jump start the process.

I’ve listed some helpful hints that work for me and for some of my peers. In turn I hope they will help you to find that spark you need to motivate yourself to succeed in the workplace.

1) Ask yourself, ‘what motivates me?’ – When was the last time you felt a determination to succeed at work? Understand what the conditions were so that you can replicate that environment and taste the satisfaction in your efforts when the results show.

2) Set some realistic targets – One of the best things about this time of year is planning and goal setting. Work out what you want to achieve and how you can get there. It’s a balancing act because you don’t want to goals so unachievable you find it difficult to see results, but at the same time you need to test yourself so avoid making them too easy.

3) A Daily plan – One of the most important parts of my day is when I arrive in the office and before I respond to any emails or calls, I draw up an action plan for the day ahead. This give me the opportunity to see where I am in connection with my targets and offers me a structure to the day ahead. By the end of the day, no matter how far through your list you get, you’ll feel much better about yourself for seeing achievements literally being ticked off the list.

4) Prioritise – It’s one thing setting daily goals, but it’s another to prioritise. You will always have to juggle tasks, change the order, delegate, put things to one side. We have a tendency to do the easy stuff first. So, try turning the list upside down, challenge yourself, get through the points that need your full attention first.

5) Be prepared, don’t take it personally – Challenges, distractions, setbacks can happen. It is important you manage your diary/daily plan. A day in the office wouldn’t be the same without any bumps in the road, so expect them to happen to you. Quite often, I leave the office feeling completely exhausted but on the days when I look down my to-do list and notice I’ve hardly ticked anything off I remember this is how things can be. Such is life. I call it character building.

6) Ask for feedback – It’s always important to better yourself. If you have been set tasks to complete and feedback doesn’t come your way, ask for it! Don’t be afraid to see how valued your work is.

7) Build a network – Often when motivation is lacking in the office, it’s up to you to find it elsewhere. Join groups related to your industry and see how your peers are doing things differently. You may find little gems of inspiration hidden somewhere you didn’t expect to find them. Keep an eye on how your competitors do things, we can always learn, competition is a positive.

8) Focus on development – Perhaps what you are missing is an ‘End Game’, what do you want to achieve? Why are you trying to achieve it? Beyond the daily goals and targets you’ve set yourself, perhaps you could feel inspired by attempting to push your career forward. Look for that next promotion opportunity, or the last exam before you qualify? Pushing yourself to the next level should never be beyond your reach.

Feel free to comment or add your own methods that work for you. Let’s inspire!