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Start 2017 as you mean to go on

A very belated Happy New Year to everyone, I do find it odd that I’m still saying that, I think there should be some form of a universal cut off point for when you must stop saying that to people, but as this is my first blog of the year I didn’t want to be rude. :)

My delay in posting a blog has purely been down to how busy the office is right now. Obviously, January is an incredibly busy time for our business, companies looking to start the calendar year on the front foot, looking to find that next talented candidate to employ. Candidates driven by the turn of the year and the whole ‘New Year New Career’ kicks into gear, combine the two and we have an incredibly busy operation.

I wanted to make my first talking point a poignant one, lots of recent discussions I have read discuss such topics including; Millennial’s, ‘The Next Generation of workers’, Brexit, etc. I’m sure I’ll get to those topics and more in time and put my usual spin on things. However I wanted to make the first post of 2017 memorable and to remind us all just what a pivotal role, good ol’ fashioned customer service can play.

Here is a recent testimonial written for someone I call our ‘unsung hero’; Sam is our candidate resource manager I’ve worked with Sam for eight years, she heads up our resource team and is responsible for managing ALOT of candidates expectations, Sam loves to champion star candidates so if you are keen to find a new career, there is no one better to make contact with, below is proof of that.

Thank you ReQuire Consultancy for helping me to find my new job. However a special thank you must go to Samantha Stiles who believed in me and helped all the pieces fall into place.

I’ve been working in Television and commuting for the past 17 years but I decided last year that I needed a better work life balance so approached ReQuire to find me a job closer to home. I met with Sam, who reassured me that I had a lot of transferable skills. Admittedly, it took a while, almost a year but in that time Sam was always keeping in contact and talking to me about opportunities. Finally at the beginning of the year; that perfect job presented itself!

I wouldn’t have known anything about it without Sam who instantly thought of me and put my name forward. Even when the company  thought my CV didn’t exactly fit, she fought my corner and convinced them to ask me for an interview. They did, I went, and I now have a new job which will change my life irrevocably: No more commuting, more time with my family and more time for me. Not to mention new and exciting challenges, an amazing organisation in a great location and in the sector I most wanted; it really is the perfect job for me. A great start to 2017, but not only that; it’s given me a much brighter future and it’s all because of ReQuire Consultancy and in particular, Sam! She really has been amazing because without her and her remarkable ability to remember the USP’s of the candidates of who pass through ReQuire’s doors – of which there must be many – I would not be in this position now.   Thank you so much Sam; you really are amazing and a real asset to Require Consultancy.

Forget opinions, these are the most rewarding blogs to post. I love hearing how passionate my team are and just what a difference we make to candidates. Typically, we spend over a third of our lives at work, hence why we are incredibly passionate about helping client’s and candidates find that perfect match.

Thanks for reading.