Taking time out of your career? Please don’t go searching for Pokémon

So whilst I have been out of the loop for a week camping in Southern France it seems I have missed the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO.

From what I understand, this is an innovative game designed (FOR CHILDREN) to get them out and about rather than playing consoles indoors. I’m all for that, combining modern day technology, innocent entertainment and fresh air and fitness. I would have included ‘exploring’ but would you really get away with describing it as ‘exploring’ when you are glued to your iPhone searching for a Scyther or Dragonair? Most likely not!

One article I picked up on was about the chap from New Zealand, a one Chris Currie has quit his job to go Pokémon hunting full time, I promise this is not a joke!

At ReQuire Consultancy, we work with a number of candidates who seek advice when leaving roles for sabbaticals, perhaps wanting to seek assurances there will be positions available when they return. We regularly hear from those returning from a career break wanting to continue their exploring adventure, just this time, in the work place.

It seems the most common reason for candidates taking leave is to fulfil ambitions and to gain a fresh perspective on life. Although the relationship between an employer and employee will inevitably be tested, during the initial “Please may I take 6 months off to travel the world and find myself” stage. It’s important to remember situations where the partnership has been a successful one over a period of time, the employer is the one who will reap the benefits. In the short term you may well lose your star employee, but by the time they return, based on what you know of your trusted member of staff, they will come back with a fresh impetus and hopefully a zest for their work life.

I am delighted to announce that thus far, we have yet to receive a call from a business declaring concerns of an employee handing their notice in to head off on their own personal Pokémon adventure! However, the more I hear about this latest craze, I do wonder whether Chris Currie will in fact be the last to swap their job for a collection of make believe animated cartoon characters situated all over the world.

That’s all today, I’m off to catch the Hypno and Electrabug hiding out in my office.