The one thing businesses can learn from Team GB

As #Rio16Olympics draws to a close, Team GB are riding the crest of a wave as they head home to a heroes welcome back in Blighty. With a record haul of medals in tow and some new heroes for us to discuss, there is one particular factor that is a huge reason behind the recent successes. And it’s one that should not be ignored in the workplace. INVESTMENT

UK Sport, which determines how public funds raised via the national lottery and tax are allocated to elite-level sport, has pledged almost £350m to Olympic and Paralympic sports between 2013 and 2017, up 11% on the run-up to London 2012. To break that down, each medal won so far has cost £5.5million.

Chances are, you’re reading this and you don’t have £350m in the bank going spare, but fear not.. It’s all relative! regardless of the budget available as a business, the proof is carved in stone, that if you correctly plan and invest in your team, you will have a greater chance of reaching the success you set out for. Like the plan for all future athletes representing Team GB, it won’t be an overnight success.

First, identify what you want to achieve. Then draw up a plan to succeed. Identify the kind of personnel

who can help you get there. Invest in them by bringing them on board, or if they are already part of your team, ensure you invest in their development and continue to do so! Share responsibility and go on an journey to ensure you achieve individual targets to bring home the gold in your company.

Thanks for reading, LM