Valuing your staff – And why it is so important to do so

2017 has been an exciting year at ReQuire. We’ve added our newest member to the team, Hi Chris!  We’ve continued to support our fabulous clients, we have gained some new (just as equally fabulous) clients. Placed more candidates in permanent roles than ever before, supported more of our clients with feedback and surveys than we have previously, won some exciting contracts and even celebrated an office wedding! And no, we don’t plan on stopping now. With the UK Economy growing between July & September by 0.4%, I have seen October & November continue to be just as busy. Despite reports that as a whole we expect slower growth than 2016, the Service industry continues to drive the Economy which tells me businesses we work with remain just as determined to add valued staff to their plans, where applicable. As an employer, you must be doing something right because as we all know what’s really behind a companies success, are the people in the company… Your employees!

The way I measure our successes is simple, I always refer back to ‘as a team’. Fulfilling so many hires is not just based on one consultants interpretation of your vacancy. It also comes down to the key role each person plays in our internal process before we are able to deliver the finished article = Well matched candidates that meet your expectations / filtered by the current market.

So on Friday as a team treat I informed them they were to down tools, put the ‘out of office’ on, swap stilettos for walking boots and thermals as we headed to the middle of the New Forest to ‘be at one with nature’. It wasn’t something I could spring on the team easily so they had a small amount of time to prepare. However, nothing really prepared them for the harsh reality of learning to light campfires, build a den, learn to fire arrows, cook a casserole on a log fire and climb high ropes!

In fairness, the gang were brilliant, everyone threw themselves into everything, spending a day with a group of great people away from the comforts of our office where we all have our little routines was fantastic, we learnt so much about each other, as an employer I enjoyed seeing how much team work and support people were offering each other. Positive characteristic traits were standing out like sore thumbs. Seeing people play roles they don’t normally get to play was really inspiring.

Over a well deserved stiff drink after the event, we sat laughing about each others embarrassing moments and achievements. To be clear, this was a ‘thank you for being brilliant and dedicated‘  but I also wanted the team to experience team work of a different kind. Not to improve already existing relationships but to enhance what is clearly already working.

Without doubt, this is something I would highly recommend to all business owners. Taking one day out of the office without your emails and phone won’t kill you, in-fact, it will re-energise you, your staff and what you and your company mean to each of them and ultimately, what they each mean to you!

Here are some familiar faces… Thanks for reading,