What social media checks do you carry out on your potential candidates?

I remember watching Peter Weir’s classic, The Trueman Show when it was first released in 1998. in the film, Jim Carrey played a character who’s every move was being watched by the entire world. Roll on to 2004 when Facebook was launched and from then the whole world seemed to drastically speed up all thanks to Social Media.

Today, we live in a world where in our industry it is rare you meet a candidate who does not possess a smart phone or have assigned themselves to any form of social media. So it got me thinking, surely we can’t be the only ones to check out candidate profiles (accessable to the world) and I was keen to know what companies did in terms of their own personal checks on their potential new starters.

Check out the results below.

The sales team here engaged with a number of companies to find out if they use the power of social media to check out a candidate before employing them.



It’s a really fascinating and current topic which will no doubt throw up some further interesting talking points.