Laying the foundations for a hugely successful 2020

The general rule of thumb when returning to work in the New Year, regardless of your position, is to act on all of that personal reflection you may have conducted during your time off and list a number of resolutions you are hell bent on sticking toois a list of our suggested resolutions for both an employer & an employee with the aim of a hugely successful 2020.

So I have compiled a short list of suggested resolutions – designed for both the employer & employee, with the aim that it can lay the foundations for a hugely successful 2020.

Create team building opportunities

This makes a lot of sense, since we all seem to lead such frenetic lives & hours tend to be long. So it’s vital we are given the chance to bond with colleagues as team building creates a more cohesive and happy workforce. Now I am not suggesting the old fashioned ‘team building day out building a raft in winter’ (although that could be hilarious especially with my team). I’m suggesting the little things can help. We are all so used to being glued to our computers, the next time you need someone in the office to do something, go and discuss with them in person rather than emailing.

Provide opportunities that stretch individuals

Employees don’t want to do the same thing over and over again as it can be boring and de-motivating. When people are given greater responsibility at work they feel trusted and valued, which helps to empower them and increase their confidence.
If you feel that one of your team could take on more responsibility, tell them that you think they are capable and ask if they’d like the challenge. You could give them ideas of extra tasks that would work for them, or let them come to you with ideas. But make sure you give them the opportunity to let you know if it is too much – you don’t want to overstretch them.

Let staff know when they’re doing a good job

It still happens whereby bosses tend not to tell employees when they do a good job – it’s usually only when they do a ‘fantastic job’. However, praise when it’s deserved is critical because it’s a big motivator and drives productivity. Saying nothing I would say is the equivalent of forgetting your please and thankyou’s, and I know what my mother would say if I forgot those priceless tools!!

Put That Smart-phone Away

Smartphones are considered an important aspect of modern life, simply because we are one click away from pretty much everything.
Whilst being so close to everything seems exciting, this culture of always staying online distracts employees at workplace more than they can imagine. Personally I am not a fan of banning the phone, in fact I am a firm believer that doing so will only cause a negative impact. We are all adults. However, it’s that other golden rule we learnt growing up, don’t breach the trust.

Learn Something New

Everyone should always be open to learning & improving ourselves no matter our position but sometimes we aren’t just motivated enough to give it a start. This year, make a resolution to learn something new, it can be a skill related to your job or anything that can help you stay focused and motivated at work. One tip I ask all of my staff to do at the beginning of the year is to write out 3 resolutions they aim to stick to or achieve throughout the year. When it comes to the end of the year we look back on how they got on. The sense of satisfaction they get from sticking to something is amazing to see.

Eat Healthier At Work

While it is important to make resolutions for your professional development, it is also important to focus on your wellness at work. It is important to develop healthy eating habits at work because on an average, we all spend more than 65% of our day at workplace. The eating patterns that we develop during this larger portion of the day, affect the way we function for the rest of the day.
This might have a direct effect on your workplace productivity. So, this new year, make a resolution to eat healthier at work or like us, set up a monthly challenge where you can keep track of your performance and support each other in doing so.

Of course, these are just a small selection of ways we can all improve in the workplace, the list is endless. I suppose the most important thing is to enjoy what you do and of course the more people you can get involved the better it is for sustained productivity.

Give some of these ideas a go and enjoy a prosperous 2020.

Thanks for reading,