Avoid wasting time when searching for a new job!


Searching for a new job can be stressful at times. You may begin to wonder when you’ll finally receive a call for a job interview. However, applying for every job vacancy won’t get you anywhere – for several reasons.

Here are some useful tips which can save you precious time while job searching:

1) Avoid applying for unrealistic positions – Many job vacancies will contain a specific list of requirements, and while you don’t need to tick all the boxes, some of them are a must. Applying for jobs which require ample experience and qualifications, when you have little to none is a long shot and while some companies will go as far as to call you in for an interview, there will still be a very slim chance of actually getting the job. We can all dream but you also need to keep a tight grip on realism when it comes to applying for that new role.

2) Include relevant information in a cover letter but not your actual CV – Use your CV as your one true marketing document, but take the opportunity to really hit home the reason as to why you are a ‘perfect fit’ for the role, by drafting a covering letter. Even if a recruiter or person hiring didn’t ask for a covering letter, ensure you include one. What have you got to lose?

3) Don’t just settle for the ‘norm’ of applying to jobs only through websites or online postings – The contact/interview rate tends to be much lower when submitting your CV online rather than getting it walked into HR or handing it to the hiring manager. It is vital you can be pro active in your search for a new role. It will seem like a tireless exercise at times but it means you have would have left a lasting impression by demonstrating your enthusiasm for the opportunity. Just remember not to be too persistent as this can be a real turn off to future employers. Getting the balance right is the art form.