Where have all the good guys gone?

An interesting post was released on 6/6/17 by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. A fascinating and interesting read with one particular focus on the current candidate market explaining just how difficult it is becoming for Employers to find that ideal skilled candidate by themselves.

Some of the main points covered in the report were:

  • Permanent hires via recruitment agencies now at a two year peak
  • Permanent vacancies issued to recruitment agencies continually increasing
  • All regions of the UK in positive growth
  • All 8 sectors of the economy also have growing job placements
  • Availability of candidates continues to decline – currently a three year long decline
  • Labour, skill & talent shortages worsening
  • Starting salaries going up

In summary, finding that ideal candidate is becoming tougher all of the time for companies. Spending hours of your valuable time sourcing & interviewing for someone that perhaps isn’t the right person will severely impact your business productivity. It is in this kind of market that we, at ReQuire Consultancy find our services and resourcing methods rising to the top.

There will always be a pool of active candidates keeping an eye on your job postings and applying, but without including those passive candidates and importantly the candidates who are not even looking – how do you know you are getting the best selection? The pool of active candidates is getting shallower all of the time, now more than ever is when trust must be instilled into your recruitment partner so they can introduce you to ‘new’ potential employees.

We listen to what you believe makes the perfect employee. We never lose sight of your ‘ideal candidate’. In fact, throughout the recruitment process, that remains our inspiration and our main goal is to get as close to your ‘star candidate’ as possible. It is when there is such an obvious candidate shortage that our abilities to attract candidates, who at first glance seem content in their role, becomes perhaps our most important and attractive USP.

Please click on the link to read the entire report issued. A really helpful insight into why there is no better time to utilise the time and effort of a recruitment firm who truly understands your business & recruitment requirements.

As Tom Hadley, REC Director of Policy says: “Official data shows unemployment has dropped to the lowest level since 1975, and EU citizens are leaving the UK in droves.

It’s pretty clear, Employers seeking to fill vacancies are running out of options themselves, and with good candidates not hanging around, now is the time to rely on the likes of ReQuire Consultancy to find you the best available individual for the role.

If you require advice on the current candidate market or are not satisfied with the quality of CV’s you are receiving, get in touch with one of the team today. 01722 741840