Head to earth. Liam midway through his skydive experience.

Liam’s Go Skydive Experience, one to remember!

So last week, on that absolutely scorching Friday morning, myself and the team visited our friends at Go Skydive. Not to chat about recruitment or discuss the latest salary trends in the area. Oh no! This time I was signing disclaimers and confirming my good health so I could throw myself from 15,000ft to planet earth!

How did this come about? Well when a client says they want to see you jump out of a plane whether you like it or not, you tend to question their motives. Or at least I am sure you are supposed to! I however, (albeit hesitantly), agreed to this, and just went along with it.

Yes of course there were nerves  and moments I found myself saying “What if” & muttering, “I should be in the office”. However at GoSkydive, the team have an incredibly infectious approach to ‘assisting’ regular numbers (of at times over 300 people of a weekend) to throw themselves out of a plane attached to random strangers. To summarise, they don’t give you much time to dwell, so you just get on with it.

At Go Skydive their willingness to make your ‘jump day’ one never to forget is incredible to see. I was treated impeccably from the moment I registered to the moment I walked away with my media pack. Tom & Amber were in particular, exceptional hosts, a real credit to the company. On top of their fantastic care an attention, the whole process is a smooth one. The views are almost… out of this world and the feeling when you finish is one of pure euphoria. Well worth the stress of the build up believe me!

And as for the main event, well you’ll have to try it for yourself to see. No amount of words will be able to do the experience justice, so get yourself signed up. It’s safe to say, I will do it again one day.

Go Skydive are an incredible organisation they make the experience one to remember, speak to Tom and his team to book in for your jump, whether you are raising money for charity or just wanting to challenge yourself, you are in the safest of hands with the team at Old Sarum.



Liam post skydive with his instructor Tim.


Tom & Amber made the whole experience amazing. They also made sure he didn’t make a last minute run for it!!


Heading for Earth! The freefall lasted 70 seconds at a speed of 125mph