Stevie smurf

Proud of our Stevie

Receiving testimonials is always a pleasurable part of any job no matter what industry you are in. In recruitment, you either receive praise from clients, who you have swooped in and saved, more often than not, from an army of mundane and uninteresting CV’s.


In that slightly more special circumstance.. When you have aided a candidate through what can be (for some) a daunting experience, you pop open your email to find a wonderfully constructed email explaining just how your service and efforts blew their mind and for that they believe you’re the best!

It’s moments like this that make you love the service industry just that little bit more.

Read on to see what one lovely ‘recently employed individual’ said about our rising superstar, Stevie-Louise!

Dear Stevie,

I have been in my new job for a couple of weeks now, and just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I love it. But thank you also, for looking after me whilst I was looking for a job, and the way you kept in touch with me between accepting the offer and then starting. As you know, I registered with several local Recruitment Agencies, but you were the only one that showed a real interest in me.  

When I was fortunate enough to be offered an interview, I remember explaining to you that I hadn’t had an interview for years because of my long term employment and didn’t know what to expect (as you know I was very nervous about the job hunt). You invited me into the ReQuire office to meet Brian the gorgeous pup and the rest of the team, then you talked me through the  process and put my mind at rest. For all of this I am so grateful so thank you for that!

Stevie, it’s obvious that you genuinely care, I could tell that from the first time we spoke over the phone. Stevie Boxall, you are a credit to ReQuire Consultancy, Louise and Liam should be very proud of you. &#X1f60a


Oh and yes, that is Stevie dressed as a Smurf, she doesn’t actually know I have posted this yet. oh dear!