How to set your team up to work remotely & successfully..

We are in an age where home working and technology are very much in tune with each other. Whilst recent events have forced many of us to change the way we conduct our business, we are fortunate to be in an age whereby home working should not be deemed as something alien, but in fact see it as an opportunity many of us have never even considered.

In order to make remote working a success, we as employers must first trust our staff to deliver high standards and represent our organisations as if they were in the office. Trust is down to the individual but alongside that aspect, you must also ensure you lay foundations for success by ensuring your team have the following.

What can I do to make remote working a success for my team..

  • Create a digital workplace – Plan ahead. Use a platform that can be utilised as a meeting point, a chat room for short contact points as well as ensuring in the set up everything is accessible.
  • Create structure (& stick to it) – Arrange daily meetings on a visual platform so to keep in touch with your team. Ensure you lead and deliver guidance and support where needed but also to ensure you allow them to find their feet and gain some familiarity.
  • Be clear with expectations – This is vital. It’s easy to be reactive in an office environment but whilst you aren’t working in close proximity where it is easy to walk up to colleague or call across the open office space, I’d suggest delivering clear concise explanations of what is required and deadlines where necessary. Supplying a focus is something everyone needs.
  • Advocate accountability – It is important for your team members to know the vital role they play and therefore, their progress is important. No one hides when all together in an office so the same must be for when working remotely. To support their performance, we must ensure we are on hand as regularly as we would be if all together in the office.
  • Promote wellbeing – The most important asset in my company are my staff. The same should be said to all employers. I am conscious this is new for my team so I want to make sure they are comfortable because I know they will deliver better results if so. I want them to take regular breaks, I’m known for irritating my staff and telling them to go out for short walks and getting fresh air when at the office, so whilst working alone it is vital they take my advice. I want them to stay focused and positive so I would much rather they work smarter and leave their work area as often as they see fit. And of course, the proof will be in their results.
  • Stay connected – Be on hand to support, advise, critique where necessary. Ensure you are contactable so they don’t feel isolated.

For a lot of us we have had a week or so to create a plan and ensure remote working is all set up and business carries on as normal, personally, I would allow the change of scenery to settle in and if you can follow the steps of advice I’ve suggested, you’ll notice the transition could very well be seamless.

If any business owner has any other suggestions that they feel work for them or wish to discuss how to get the best out of their remote workers then please feel free to call to discuss anytime. 07969912761 or 01722 741840.

Embrace the change & enjoy the technology available to you

Thanks for reading,