How to nail that video interview #togetherwins

Whether this is your first taste of remote interviewing or you have done this before, take note because the world in which we live in is changing all of the time and if this brief blog can make a difference to you succeeding or not, it’ll be worth every second. Good luck

Advice for candidates

  • Test that tech! – There is nothing worse than a dodgy wire. Ensure you have trialled the connection that day as well as ensuring you have the right video conferencing program ready to activate.
  • Dress appropriately – In my pre recruitment days (a long time ago) working in television, I witnessed a News presenter all suited and booted, or so I thought.. stand up after the camera stopped rolling and there he was wearing shorts and flip flops. Play it safe, make sure you dress for success from top to bottom, even if it’s only a head shot video – go through the motions and ‘dress to impress’ also ensure your surroundings are tidy, so get the duster out beforehand if necessary.
  • Be prepared – Make eye contact, smile often (not all the time!) and generally engage with the interviewer to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. Try and forget there’s a camera in the way, imagine being there in person.
  • Remove distractions – It is vital you are fully engaged throughout. Smartphones are the worst, even putting it on silent or vibrate will catch your attention and that will be noted. Also, it’s worth ensuring there isn’t a window or TV behind the camera. Don’t give your eyes a reason to wonder. STAY FOCUSED!
  • Follow up – Regardless of how you think the interview went, send a follow up not to your interviewer or via your recruiter passing on thanks. It won’t hurt to go that extra step, similar to putting your trousers on for an interview unlike that newsreader!

Despite the uncertain times we are all encountering, embrace the opportunity and embrace the technology that is available at our finger tips. Without doubt, this will change how we look at interviews forever.

The team at ReQuire want to help anyone who is worried about their up coming interview. Even if we haven’t introduced you to the company we are more than happy to support you. In a world right now where humanity is vital, we want to do our little bit to help along the way.

Thanks for reading and stay safe during these times.