Who We Are

Working with ReQuire Consultancy, you will always be treated as our number one customer.

Our success is simple, it’s based on one thing… Communication or in other words, ‘you talk, we listen’

If you are a business  you will be partnered with one of our skilled consultants who will understand your needs, create a profile of the candidate you desire and together, in a step by step process will deliver well matched candidates who will fulfil your expectations (and more).

If you are a candidate, you will have the pleasure of working with one of our Candidate Experience Managers who will listen to your needs, be enthusiastic and knowledgeable when coming up with suitable roles, discussing job specs and offering advise on your CV (if required). You will then be referred to one of our Talent Scouts who will pair you to various interview opportunities, resulting in offers coming your way!

For the whole process to be efficient and pleasurable for you, we have a team of people that pull together just for you. From our resource team, through to our Head Hunters for those Senior positions, everyone at ReQuire Consultancy has your interests at the forefront of their mind and will dedicate time to ensure your requirements are met.

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