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The interviewer being interviewed

17 August 2020

By Louise Howard

The interviewer being interviewed

New media channel ​have recently launched a series of podcast interviews with individuals known in and around the Salisbury area. Today 17/8, their 2nd podcast n the series was released and features a full interview with our MD Liam McConnell.

It's his first podcast experience but he's hoping it won't be his last. To have a listen to Liam & Andy (Munns) chat, just click the link here .

Hear what Liam had to say on all things:

  • Recruitment

  • Living in Salisbury

  • That time his team just missed out on £27k on the quiz show Eggheads

  • How a recession has benefited their business during recent times

  • How to adapt in a competitive marketplace

  • His fascination with ordnance survey maps

  • How a 77 year old man inspired him to walk 100km in 24hrs

  • His love for Llamas!

Certainly makes for an interesting listen! Put the kettle on and enjoy.

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