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"The workplace landscape has changed fundamentally; tomorrow’s environment will be different, but no less rich in possibilities for those who are prepared to embrace change"

Our role in your company's future is to ensure, more than ever, that you have access to the best talent in the marketplace.

​We have all encountered change in recent times, adapted to new ways of working, embracing technologies, adopting new working patterns, methods. No doubt there will be further change down the road, we just need to be prepared for it.

Company Culture Check

Before any new instruction is handled, our team of qualified consultants carry out a culture check to fully understand what's needed to be a roaring success in your business. That way, drawing up a shortlist of exceptional candidates is based on not just the job spec in hand, but also, a team fit.

Virtual Interviewing Training

We have created workshops designed to support candidates as well as hiring managers with Virtual Interviewing techniques.

Developing long term relationships

As part of our mission to develop long term relationships with each client. On top of the professional, slick service to fulfil your hires, we also offer key clients the use of Profile testing, Market research, Salary surveys, headhunting facility

Market Research

We offer you up to date salary surveys, employee benefit recommendations, competitor analysis, psychometric and competency testing of candidates at interview stage

Blog posting - relevant to your market

We provide regular blog posts paying particular interest to the current candidate market landscape and offering thought provoking ideas when it comes to anything related to employee, employer relations.

Rest assured, ReQuire Consultancy will support you every step of the way when it comes to hiring the very best talent in the marketplace for your next longstanding employee.

"A CV is important, however, it doesn't tell me about someone's suitability for our company culture or team fit.

ReQuire take care of that very well".