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Planning ahead for a successful 2021

11 November 2020

By Liam McConnell

Planning ahead for a successful 2021

​As we head into the home straight of the calendar year, lots of people are keeping an eye on the job market, no doubt more people than ever will be looking for a move due to the turbulent effects of Covid-19. So when we think of recruitment, it's fundamentally important that individuals and companies are aware of the varying recruitment cycles that could ultimately give them the edge in the race for the right hire.

Without doubt when it comes to recruitment, January is one of the most popular times of the year, in this blog I will discuss the reasons why that is and key advice on how you can move ahead of your competition by using a recruitment consultancy that truly understands you and your business, instead of contacting multiple agencies which only dilutes your brand, or of course, trying to unearth that hidden gem yourself. Think about when you buy or sell a house, you find that Estate Agency for you.

For most, January 2021 can't come quick enough. Generally the beginning of the year is a time for new beginnings. The main reason the first period of any year is a busy time in recruitment is simply down to that fact; it's a natural time for a fresh start for both individuals and companies. For individuals, January represents the perfect time to pick up a new challenge, start something fresh and exciting, we all feel motivated and inspired more than any other time of the year. The year is ahead of you not behind you, the list of opportunities and plans to achieve can be endless - so many successes are born out of positive moves made in January.

From a company perspective, this is equally exciting. It's the perfect time to capitalise on the increased talent pool that will be available to you. Remember the best candidates are most likely still in their role, biding their time, waiting by the phone to hear about the next great opportunity that matches their skill set. Those exclusive and talented individuals are likely to have held conversations with their recruitment consultancy, whose job it is to ensure their skill sets are brought to your attention. How refreshing to have
someone out there thinking about your business. So why sit back and wait? Just like any calculated business decision they often need a great deal of planning. If you are excited about what new talent could be available to you, now is the time to plant the seed and allow your focus to be on other key areas of your business whilst your recruitment partner, the experts in their field prepare a stunning shortlist ready for you to action. There really is no better way to stay ahead of the game when looking to recruit for the next best talent.

Another reason why January is a busy month in recruitment, it's a time when budgets begin, making it logical to take on more staff and let's not forget, there should be no delays in the process at this time of year, often over the festive period candidates have a tendency to show less commitment due to other distractions, whereby in January it's a time when new beginnings take priority.

From our experiences, we know January is a significant time for executive-level hiring as well. Whilst Senior hires are completed throughout the year there are seasons whereby senior hires are more active. We tend to see a trend appearing between January - May.

Partnering with a Recruitment Consultancy: So now we have established January is a key time to build, however in order to find the right candidate you need to ensure you partner with a Consultancy that:

A) You can trust to represent your brand in the wider market space and

B) Who understands your business and what you are aiming to achieve. Don't settle for advertising a role, the chances are, the right candidates wouldn't ever see your ad. After all it's in your recruitment consultancy's best interests to know the movements of the very best talent out there. - Have you ever considered that?

FACT - Did you know that over 70% of candidates placed by us in their new roles in 2019 were initially contacted by us. Meaning the individual didn't just see an advert and apply. We initiated the contact by identifying the talent and commenced with our discussions. Any Recruitment firm worth their salt will have the same proactive ethos, consistently wanting to identify the best results for their clients. We all know how to engage and attract the best candidates for your business. So as long as you have a clear instruction of what you want to achieve, when it comes to reviewing the shortlist you can expect to see the very best results. Remember, your recruitment partner will want to ensure their finger is on the pulse, it's up to them to impress you with their findings, and after all you are the customer. In our industry, reputation is on the line every time, so as long as you have partnered wisely you can be assured you will see the best results in the market.

Saving you valuable time and energy: Stop for a second and consider just how much energy you invest into your business. Recruitment when not planned correctly can prove costly on so many levels. A huge benefit to utilising the strengths of a trusted Recruitment firm is that it's going to save you a considerable amount of time, stress and investment. Your external partner will be energised to find you the best talent and will have a plan of action to navigate the market place in order to deliver the best results to you
- The Customer. This also means you won't have to spend time dealing with candidates who are not right for the position or who try to 'move the goalposts' at interview stage. So many clients have turned to us because of this kind of experience they have encountered when handling it themselves. So fortunately for you, you won't need to worry about that when it comes to partnering with a consultancy. Clarity is key!

Your recruitment partner will have strong relationships with various candidates: Something that is often overlooked, yet so crucial when representing an organisation. Remember, you recruiter will have clocked up many many hours of conversation with key candidates, getting to know them, what their key drivers are, understanding their strengths, the areas they excel in, understanding way beyond the two sides of A4 their CV offers. This is a priceless asset in recruitment terms. Remember, it all comes back to
reputation. Your Recruitment partner can ill afford to waste your time with a candidate who doesn't excite you. They want you to meet the very best. Someone recently, asked me to summarise 2020. I don't think you can. Although I think it's safe to say it has been one hellacious hill to climb for us all. So I say, let's all get to the summit (December) and recharge ready to attack 2021 with a vengeance. Let's not plan to merely survive, now is your time to thrive!

Whether you are hiring or wanting to be hired, utilise the skills and network your trusted recruitment partner offers. Championing the elite in our industry is important to us so if you have any questions regarding next steps be sure to get in touch.

Thanks for reading, LM


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