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International Women's Day - Acknowledging the women at ReQuire

08 March 2021


International Women's Day - Acknowledging the women at ReQuire

​March 8 marks annual day to globally celebrate all things women. International Women's Day is meant to celebrate all the achievements of women across the world-- all the contributions they've made to social, economic, cultural and political advancements.

So we wanted to take the time out to talk to and about our ladies who deserve recognition for their incredible acehviements and commitment they have given to recruitment over the years.

Louise McConnell - The founder of ReQuire, a former President of the Chamber of Commerce and recruitment businesswoman of over twenty years, Louise has certainly seen the industry evolve right in front of her very eyes.

Louise now takes up a duel role as Operations Director and as a Technical Consultant, heading up the recruitment for many of our niche, specialist vacancies. "I particularly enjoy the challenges of recruiting in a male dominated environment. So many of my clients are initially surprised by my technical knowledge and understanding of their specifications. I've always been somebody prepared to push myself and to compete out of my comfort zone, so to combine it with my interests of Engineering and talking Business, it's exciting to me.

Recruitment is a wonderful industry to be part of. It is a billion pound industry to the UK economy and plays such an integral part in forming long standing partnerships between the job seeker and the job market.

Since I began my career in recruitment many years ago I had a vision to create a Consultancy that delivers it's own unique and effective service to a wider client base. I am very proud of our achievements and the relationships we have built within that time. It's hard work to build something from nothing and my advice to any aspiring female entrepreneur would be to not be afraid of the unknown. It's important to follow through with any burning desires you have, it's good to think differently to others and have the confidence to express an opinion. A good tip when starting off on your road to success, be sure to create a plan and visualise it becoming a reality. Something I tell my daughter and I hope she uses that advice in whatever she wants to do when she's older".

Samantha Ainslie - Has been a mainstay at ReQuire since 2009. Sam's loyalty and commitment to continually want to develop both personally and in business within an ever evolving industry are traits that many should thrive to have. Someone who tends to shy away from the limelight Sam is known to all clients and candidates at ReQuire for her natural ability to handle each hiring scenario. Her role is to ensure everyone is where they need to be at the correct stage of each recruitment process, certainly not a task for the feint hearted.

Sam is someone who people can rely on and she has always been able to demonstrate that in her support role to the key Consultants across the business.

Liam commented: "Having Sam's on your team is a huge plus, she completely understands the level of expectations our clients have and is able to deliver to them in such a calm and assured manner, she's a fantastic ambassador for ReQuire".

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