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International Women’s Day

08 March 2023

By Jess Watts

International Women’s Day

Today marks the 112th celebration of International Women’s Day. The 8th March is a day in which we acknowledge and applaud women everywhere for their achievements, whilst also recognizing ingrained societal gender inequality and raise awareness for the continuation of progress.

Throughout history, women have been fighting for and slowly gaining rights which should be given without a battle. As Hilary Clinton famously said, “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.”

There are many reasons why IWD is important, including its ability to educate future generations on the importance of gender equality. The intention is not to take away from men, but to give something back to women. This day gives an amplified voice to those who have constantly been drowned out due to their gender; it applauds the buried achievements of those who have been undermined because of their identity as women; and it thanks those who have fought to prove, against all odds, the power and worth of women.

Here at ReQuire, we celebrate all our employees. However, today we highlight the wonder-women in our office. They have all accomplished so much, and deserve recognition- not just today, but every day.

Louise and Eva

Lou and Eva

The brilliant Louise (pictured above, right) has been a recruiter in Salisbury for 25 years and has placed over 5000 people in new jobs. She is one of the ReQuire Consultancy founders, and combined with her experience and successful candidate placements, her professional achievements include getting her Recruitment qualifications, MREC and AREC.

 Louise is an incredible role model for other women; she is a founder of the Great Big Salisbury Toy Appeal who have raised over £20,000 in over two years. She has also volunteered at two incredible charities: Silver Line and Her Salisbury Story.

Alongside all of this, Louise is an amazing mother. Her daughter, Eva (pictured above, left) is 17 and works at ReQuire in the summer holidays. Eva has recently got a new job and is currently studying Psychology, Biology and P.E. at college.



The wonderful Sam has placed thousands of candidates in new jobs; she excels as a consultant and handles clients and candidates with incredible efficiency. We are lucky to have had her as an integral part of our team for 15 years. Sam started in recruitment as an administrator, then progressed on to a Resourcer, and is now a Senior Account Manager and Candidate Experience Manager. She has completed her CPD IOR and became a Sourcing Ninja 5 years ago.

Quite apart from her glorious workplace accomplishments, Sam is also a Mum; she has a 15-year-old boy, Harry, and a 3-month-old puppy! Alongside all these incredible achievements, she also fits in ballet and saxophone lessons to enhance her skills and allow time for her hobbies.




Jess is our youngest and newest member of the team. She has recently achieved her BA Hons degree in English and Creative Writing. Furthering her writing experience, Jess also became Lifestyle Editor of the university magazine and is a published writer in the women-owned online magazine, the Empoword Journal.

Jess is also a keen musician and has achieved her Grade 8 Singing, Grade 8 level Flute, and Grade 6 piano. She has sung around the world, including in Budapest and the Vatican in Rome. She recently joined us here at ReQuire and is conquering her first dedicated marketing and operations job!

The girls

All of the women in our office have achieved, are achieving, and will achieve so much, and we are proud to highlight them this International Women’s Day. We urge you to do the same with the women you are surrounded by, not just today, but every day. Keep supporting women’s voices and keep honouring those women who have worked for a better future for themselves, their loved ones, and the world. Women make up over 50% of the UK, without them we would be functioning at less than half capacity; for society to survive, everyone needs to thrive.

Michelle Obama is right, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

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