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Optimising communication during recruitment

03 May 2023

By Jess Watts

Optimising communication during recruitment

There are numerous ways to open and maintain lines of communication which will optimise your hiring process. However, many companies are not recruitment focussed, so we advise using one that is to help! A recruitment firm like us can help you implement crucial touchpoints which will greatly improve the process. However, there are also things that employers can do to ensure smooth recruitment.

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Personalise the process

Ensuring human connection is sustained during the application process is key. Sending out an automated response starting “Dear candidate…” will not make an applicant feel seen or valued. Instead, recruiters will contact them directly on the phone, catch up via a Teams call, and check in before and after their scheduled interview which shows care and consideration. Any communication that comes directly from an employer should follow this idea, ensuring emails and messages feel personalised and human.

Find your tone

Selecting and maintaining a tone of voice which is both professional and amiable is important when chatting to applicants. A good tip is to treat candidates like customers, you want them to experience great service and thus return. It is important not to scare them off with corporate bluntness, but you must ensure your approach remains appropriate for a professional setting. Recruiters are used to finding this balance, they do the personable communication- getting the candidate excited about the role- whilst maintaining professionalism.

Be open and honest

If you are looking for a specific personality, say! This will avoid unsuitable applications, ensure quality candidates, and save time. If there are questions you are unsure of the answer to, let candidates know! They will appreciate the honesty, and you will prevent frustration and potential embarrassment. At the same time, if there is something a candidate does/says that you don’t agree with, politely discuss it with them; you may find that, through communication, you can sort out any hiccups. It is also imperative that you keep communication clear with recruiters so that they know exact candidate requirements.

Offer feedback

94% of respondents surveyed by LinkedIn said they want to receive feedback on their interview. This is not only helpful for successful and unsuccessful candidates, but also helps to maintain a good relationship with both post-interviews. Therefore, they are more likely to apply for other roles, or recommend your company to others.

Connect with candidates

Social media is an integral part of today’s society, using it throughout the recruitment process can help an employer in many ways. Firstly, connecting with candidates in this way shows dedication and indicates to the candidate that they are valued. Making connections where appropriate can also highlight candidate’s interests. Connecting with someone on LinkedIn enables you to view who else they follow and what their interests are. It also allows you to interact with them via comment sections/liking posts. All of this can add to the general picture of a candidate and helps determine if they are the right fit for your company.

These are a few ways in which employers can improve communication to help in the hiring process, but of course, this takes time and dedicated effort. That’s why we recommend using our services to control the communication; this leaves you to focus on what you do best, while we do the same!

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