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Rebound and Reconnect - The Grass isn't always greener.

05 January 2024

By Liam McConnell

Rebound and Reconnect - The Grass isn't always greener.

​January is always a busy time for companies welcoming new recruits, or planning their head count for the year ahead. As a recruitment partner to a variety of business Owners and Recruitment Teams it's my role to stay engaged with my clients and show a real interest in the wider business. I work with companies who value their people and like to wear their company coat of arms on their sleeve. Being passionate about what you do and who you work really does filter down. And one evident way of that being so true is that over the past week I have heard success stories on a number of occasions where an employee had left the company but had been in touch to ask for their role back!

Some of the key reasons you may see an employee of yours wish to return to their former role:

Regret or Second Thoughts: Simply a case of someone realising they have made a mistake in leaving realising that the grass wasn't greener on the other side or that the reasons for leaving weren't as significant as initially thought.

New Perspective: The short break away might have provided someone with a new perspective on their previous job. They might have gained clarity on the positive aspects of their former position and the value it held in their professional life.

Unforeseen Challenges: The new job or situation may have presented unforeseen challenges or mismatched expectations. Recognising difficulties in the new role, your former employee may decide to return to their familiar surroundings

Positive Changes: As a company, you may have implemented positive changes, addressed concerns, or offered improved conditions after someone's departure. Learning about these improvements could entice someone to reconsider returning

Stronger Offer or Counteroffer: In a world where the cost of living is a trending hashtag, individuals leave for what they perceive as a better opportunity, only to find that their current employer is willing to make a counteroffer or that another job offer isn't as appealing as anticipated - However be warned understanding counteroffers in their truest form is a whole other blog post altogether.

Personal Circumstances: Changes in personal circumstances, such as family needs or health considerations, might influence someone to return to a job that can better accommodate their situation

Perhaps some of these valid reasons are why someone has left and then wanted to return to your company. Maybe you have different examples.

A final note on this - You may think that this kind of scenario prevents me from doing my job - And in a way you are correct. However, as a bit of an 'older head' in this field, valuing and appreciating your client's business is so much more important than replacing someone who has left them. ReQuire is all about developing long term partnerships with their partners. This is what lies at the heart of our recruitment activity. On occasions like this, if the company I recruit for want to reemploy an individual, then I am the first person to high five that decision! When they need my expertise to help, they will call.

Of course, asking for your role back doesn't necessarily mean you will get it back but again the company can take immense satisfaction from that fact they have a culture that's worth returning to. And I for one, want to be part of building that with them for sure!

So yes, absolutely - Hearing about 'boomerang employees' is something I love to hear about. We all make mistakes and of course the grass can seem greener but as we know, that's not always the case.

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