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How To Avoid Being 'Ghosted' When Attempting To Hire

26 February 2024

By Liam McConnell

How To Avoid Being 'Ghosted' When Attempting To Hire

​What's that? 93% of 18-24yr olds don't turn up for an interview when directly engaged with a potential employer.

If you are experiencing this kind of frustration in your hiring activity then it's a warning sign that you need to change what you are doing.

As Albert Einstein famously said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results".

It's called Ghosting and it's an epidemic affecting companies when attempting to employ staff, so you need to eliminate the risk of it happening to you because the knock on effects can be quite significant

  • Waste of your time

  • Loss of confidence in your ability to hire

  • Likely to rush your decision

  • Therefore likely to make the wrong decision

  • It's distracting

  • It's irritating

  • It prevents you from being pro active

  • Sense of failure and disappointment

  • Can out you off the hiring process

But there is a solution! Here's what you should do:

Partner with a recruiter you trust, one who will be that extension of your business and prevent you from having to deal with any of the hassle, stress or time wasting that you would normally be exposed to.

A partnership will ensure your best interests are at the top of their priority list. By removing yourself from the shortlisting process (the hard bit) you get to look forward to receiving the best results possible whilst getting on with your own job and feeling like you're making progress.

Then all you have to do, is interview the most credible candidates, make the offer, then look forward to them joining your company. A smooth, slick process with all the hassle kept away from you.

As I have said countless times before......Good recruitment is an artform!

Now, "Who you gonna call..."

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