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Underpinning the significance of external recruitment support

02 February 2024

By Liam McConnell

Underpinning the significance of external recruitment support

Underpinning the significance of external support is crucial, especially considering the invaluable expertise that your recruitment partner can provide in efficiently sourcing, screening, and evaluating candidates for your vacancies. It's essential to trust that your professional recruitment partner can offer assistance right from the outset. What I often hear is companies initially relying on their internal talent teams or the decision to 'pop it on Indeed and see what response we get first'. But with these approaches, by the time search firms are engaged, significant hiring delays are certain to have occurred, the best candidates could quite easily have moved on. To avoid this, it's important to ensure transparent and consistent information is exchanged between the hiring manager (HR) and your external support, right from the start.

By pairing with a recruitment expert early in the process, alongside your own internal sourcing strategies, this will only ensure the best talent is available to you for the role you are trying to fill. The process will therefore not be a drawn out lengthy process which by the way, could leave a lasting negative impact on what the candidate market thinks of your abilities to hire. By being efficient with it, can make all the difference, ensuring you as a client secures the top candidate rather than watching ideal hires slip through your fingers.

Remember, the role of a good recruiter is to add value to your process. Make sure you see the very best candidates available to you. As a recruitment partner, it is our role to ensure you interview quality candidates, remember, quite often the best candidates are not looking so it takes craft to unlock those conversations.

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